We take companies to the next level and beyond.

World Energy Ventures Inc is a network of highly experienced partners that invests in early-growth stage companies that demonstrate a strong potential for business growth and a high success rate. We provide seed funding and start-up capital to emerging companies who have innovative and fresh business ideas that can revolutionize the conventional business models and have the ability to attain exceptional growth in their respective fields.

Message from Our CEO

This is an exciting time to start new businesses. The present economic situation is highly condusive for business development and growth: low labour and capital costs, low rents, and the availability of premium resources that act as catalysts for business success. We strive to discover new visionaries who dare to think outside the box at a time when everyone else is clinging to the status quo. The prevailing economic, social, and environmental stresses have created many prospects for people and companies that want to offer alternatives to the old way of doing things. Many growing industries are on the verge of becoming self-sufficient and will soon experience exciting periods of growth. World Energy Ventures Inc will support you to take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy the benefits of success in this period of growth.
Here's to a great 2019, and beyond . . .

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Our Services

In today’s world of globalization, our company is striving to provide excellence in business operations with the help of right tools integrated with industry expertise resulting in successful execution of the projects and running day-to-day activities of an organization in an efficient manner at the domestic and international level. We offer business services based on new and innovative applications which have the capabilities to boost the organizational performance. Our services create gateways to organize corporate finance and accelerate sales by a huge margin. Our clients have always gained from our expertise and become market leaders in their respective sectors with the help of our long term support and state-of-the-art solutions.

Business Advisory

Explore opportunities to grow business
Provide objectivity and develop solutions
Revive an organization
Create a new business
Influence investors for funding

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Market Research & Analysis

Customer opinions and profitability
Drivers of satisfaction
Impact of new products
Balancing preference against cost
How to obtain greatest ROI

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Seed Funding

Start-up capital for new entrepreneurs and businesses
Funding for promissory early-stage businesses,
Monetary encouragement for innovative and intrepid
  individuals & businesses
Funding to help research, product development, marketing,
  and business plan execution
Proprietary financial models and algorithm to identify
  promising businesses, ideas & plans

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Big Data Analytics

Big data sorting & organization
Identification of relevant data
Value creation through data analysis
Develop unique solutions to match clients' needs
Evaluate structure and unstructured data
Transformation of Big data into winning business

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Business Process Solution

• Business Process Design
• Business Process Modelling
• Business Process Execution
• Business Process Monitoring
• Business Process Strategy
• Business Process Architecture
• Business Process Reengineering

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Business Intelligence

Application performance management
Customer service and change management
Data centre and management
Data integration services
Create Key Performance Indictors (KPI) dashboard
Optimization and forecast modelling
System upgrades and migration services

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Business Advisory

The partners of World Energy Ventures Inc. have been in the business for over two decades. We have provided advice to numerous companies. Today, they exemplify excellence and leadership.

World Energy Ventures Inc. provides business advice to help ameliorate companies’ operations and increase work efficacy. Our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge to ascertain all aspects of a business and formulate appropriate solutions. In doing so, we help companies achieve their goals. After gaining an understanding of their business, what a company is looking to achieve, and the challenges they are currently facing and may face in the future; our job is to advise these firms on how to improve turnover. We will administer solutions that will most practically control, and induce cash flows, and expedite profitability. Our company will help them amass the required skills, and introduce them to the right people to keep their business on track. Who should hire us? Those business owners who are facing difficulties in meeting their targets.

Business advisory is a three-stage process as mentioned below:

1) Discovery phase

In this phase, the experts of World Energy Ventures Inc. study the client's business in detail, and learn everything about it. We put in a lot of effort to learn as much as possible about the company and its functional activities, i.e., from the owner to the employees, from marketing to sale’s process, and from assets to liabilities. This process can involve visiting the facility, meeting with the higher management and employees, analyzing the finances, and evaluating all documents relevant to sales, marketing, financial statements, audit reports, etc. During this process, our team will unravel the company's objectives and the active operations put in place to execute those objectives. This phase enables our teams to understand the functionality of the corporation.

2) Evaluation phase

Here, our aim is to diagnose issues and deduce modifications to correct them. We utilize the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. The current and foreseeable problems play an important role in the success or failure of the company. There may be complications previously determined by the management, and any additional problems forecasted by our expert panelists. The target of this phase is to:
Identify needs & explore opportunities to grow
Increase profits & boost efficiency,
Develop solutions to problems,
Plan for capitalizing on opportunities, and
Bring objectivity and a fresh viewpoint to the

3) Implementation of the plan

Finally, we will continue to work through the plan to multiply assets and curtail liabilities, and conduct audits to observe the plan in advancing. World Energy Ventures Inc. has worked with small to large enterprises both in the public and private sectors at the domestic and global scale. Our company has helped them in implementing their plans and startegies by following key activities such as:
Develop a compelling business case,
Outlining realistic and achhievable goals,
Enhancing the human and financial capital,
Design user-friendly systems and operational
  procedures, and
Establishing genuine guidlines to meet the
  deadlines and complete project phases on time.

Business Intelligence

In the global village era, the business intelligence (BI) market has evolved as an innovative growth area having high potential. Many industries have started employing BI to expand their analytic as well as operational capabilities. These industries include manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, finance, insurance, and many others. In the past, only senior management used BI for making decisions; however, today it is used increasingly by employees at various levels in the organization to support operations & business functions. At World Energy Ventures Inc., our strong business knowledge helps us in all aspects of BI.

This knowledge and expertise comes from our IT specialists and personnel having industry-specific experience. World Energy Ventures Inc’s BI experts help clients to:
Build and run systems,
Select and purchase the right tools &
Facilitate business change using best practices’
This data analysis and integration enables World Energy Ventures Inc. to help clients effectively improve IT investments and increase business value.
World Energy Ventures Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art business intelligence tools to provide professional services for:
Application performance management

Building a comprehensive BI services platform
  that includes sales, revenue, analytics, data
  integration and analysis, market return, Key
  Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring,
  financial matters, and business reporting
Business alarm indicators
Customer service and change management
Data center and management
Data integration services
IT planning
Master data management
Optimization and forecast modeling
System upgrades and migration services for
  data warehouse
Technical support and maintenance services for
  products and services

Big Data Analytics

World Energy Ventures Inc.'s big data analytics service helps clients to sort through and organize the excessively-large amounts of data collected. It has become absolutely necessary to comprehend and extract value from the data collected. Research proves that companies that use technology to their advantage always gain on their competition and exhibit financial growth.

World Energy Ventures Inc. provides Big Data analytics that channelize the seemingly endless flow of data already passing through the corporation. Focusing on relevant data is the key to creating value for the organization. World Energy Ventures Inc. helps clients to identify data that is unique to the clients' business. World Energy Ventures Inc. plays a pivotal role in helping clients utilize data ?structured or unstructured? to benefit organizational growth and to augment profits.

Market Research & Analysis

With over 20 years in the business, our expert teams have developed an intimate understanding of the processes that get brands noticed. Our experience allows us to analyze any proposal thoroughly. We have efficaciously consulted clients on a diverse range of industries including financial services, information technology, health care, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, energy and higher education.

Markets are in constant transition. It is vital that firms regularly monitor them. Market research is the preliminary practice before drawing out a business plan. Our team of talented professionals has years of industry experience and cutting-edge ideas which have helped many companies to optimize their products and services; consequently, we provide doctrinaire, state-of-the-art analytics to our clients to enable them to make better decisions for their companies. We drive business behavior by putting in every effort so that we can deliver the best results using actionable research. We know what works and what doesn’t; therefore, we target many factors including marketing analytics, focus groups, data mining, and human capital analytics. We will study a company’s potential market and calculate how the current market can be expanded to capture the targeted prospects. Our team has helped a diverse range of organizations in solving their problems.

Our approach is specific to our client’s needs. We scrutinize market trends to determine contingencies and threats which we then compare to a company’s resourcefulness and shortcomings. In order to get the maximum benefits for our clients we rely upon the highest standards of research and analytic.

World Energy Ventures Inc. creates values for the proposals and projects by professionally examining market details and quantifying the areas of investors' criteria, risk factors, and mitigation by evaluating the financial impacts.

For each and every product our studies include:
Likes or dislikes
Customers choice basis
Opinion of customers/consumers
Drivers of satisfaction
Impact of new products
Designing of optimal product features
Balancing preference against cost
Customer opinions vs. profitability
How to obtain greatest ROI


Business Process Solution

Businesses must keep themselves abreast with today's fast paced and competitive economic climate. Obtaining greater output from core business processes using the least amount of resources is the Key to success. This strategy mandates that businesses go through constant organizational changes as well.
World Energy Ventures Inc. can help clients manage Business processes and changes. Our experts create initiatives and programs that are tailored to address clients' needs.

World Energy Ventures Inc's Business Process Solutions offer:
Design and Architecture
Performance Monitoring
Financially feasible
Technically viable and contemporary

Our objective is to streamline business processes with client business goals. Our programs focus on improving productivity,   lowering costs and realizing opportunities. We help businesses by offering better

customer service to their customers that ensures a loyal customer base for our clients. Our success lies in making our clients more productive, more competitive, and more profitable.

World Energy Ventures Inc. offers solutions that are designed to match clients' business processes. These programs offer ownership, easy implementation and are highly sustainable.

World Energy Ventures Inc. helps its clients manage organizational changes effectively, achieving higher returns and minimizing costs. Results that our clients are happy with.

Seed Funding

Seed money is the initial capital which is invested to support a business in its conceptual stages until it can hold its own by generating revenue through its products and services which will in turn draw venture capitalists. Seed capital is usually less than $100,000. Seed money is used to fund maiden enterprises to ensure a smooth inception. World Energy Ventures Inc. will provide start-up capital to emerging companies possessing innovative business ideas resulting in huge growth prospects in various field around the world. It will encourage talented and intrepid individuals and companies, who are excited to excel in their field of choice to share their vision for success with us. We will help transform their ideas into their envisioned reality. This monetary denomination can be used towards research, commodity development, execution, and marketing. Prospects have complete freedom to select their field of choice, e.g, energy, manufacturing, retail, etc. The doors of World Energy Ventures Inc. are open to everyone.

There are success stories of companies that have become “international giants” as a result of venture capital investment. They owe their success to venture capital investors who believed in their innovative ideas, novel technology and winning business models. VC financing is very competitive and gives strong competition to other financial institutions. “A journey of a thousand miles begins, but with a single step!”

Our examination of potential clients starts with the screening of their ambitious team. We invest in people who are visionaries, think outside the box, and believe in creating positive changes in the society. In addition, they should know their market structure and be able to distinguish their competitive edge in the market. In order for a company or an individual to succeed in the ecosphere of entrepreneurship, it is really important that they are well prepared and acquire the practical knowledge to support their business idea.


At World Energy Ventures Inc., our mission is to gain high returns for our partners. Our vision is to become the premier wealth-generation choice for partners and entrepreneurs. We focus on companies that require seed funding, through to the third round, and target a large and expanding market using a competitive advantage.

We believe a company is only as good as its people, and so our evaluation of prospective companies starts with an analysis of their management team. The management team must reflect prior industry experience within their respective field; their business plan must prove that they understand their market, suppliers, and customers; and they must be able to back up their ideas with practical knowledge and most of all with passion.

We perform a thorough quantitative analysis and evaluation of a company's financials through the use of proprietary financial models and algorithms. The objective results achieved are then combined with our qualitative assessment of the company's management capability. This combined comprehensive analysis allows us to make balanced investment decisions on their behalf.

For further information please contact us at the following email address:

Upcoming Projects

World Energy Ventures Inc. helps its partners in fulfilling their vision and goals. We listen to them and learn where they want to be. Then, by creating a strategy designed to help them get there. Just like any other relationship, transparency in dealings is an important factor to build confidence and sustain a good working rapport. On demand access to an individual portfolio is an essential part of our offered services that keeps partners on the same page and enables them to track the health of their contributions.

e-Auction Web Portal Project

By this project, we will offer a powerful online e-Commerce (e-Auction & sales) web portal where individuals, firms and business traders can post products online for selling and lookup a wide range of products for buying/bidding.

Housing Development Project

This project has been prepared for development of a residential housing community in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to cater the housing needs of the Canadian residents and new immigrants. The housing sector is flourishing in Ontario.

Halal Cultured Meat Project

The mission of The Halal Cultured Meat Project is to make Halal cultured meat and meat products available to the Muslim consumer.

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In the present decade, scientists, engineers and technologists are finding a wide variety of ways to deliberately make materials at the nanoscale to take advantage of their enhanced properties, e.g., lighter weight, higher strength, increased control of light spectrum, and greater chemical reactivity than their larger-scale counterparts. Our interest is in the nanomedicine field and are working on a project proposal.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most attractive technologies in green energy sector. The rapid growth in the deployment of solar energy technologies has driven down its electricity generation cost. Investment in the development and production of solar energy is an option available with us. We are investing in research and development (R&D) of Photovoltaic (PV)
cells, especially to increase their efficiency.

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Modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technologies to combat debilitating and rare diseases, reduce our environmental footprint, feed the hungry, use less and cleaner energy, and have safer, and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. World Energy Ventures Inc. supports the innovative ideas and new proposals will be welcomed. In this project, our focus is on prosthetic lymphs, nerve regeneration, and bio-asbosrbable heart stents.

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Excellent and Reliable Services


As serial entrepreneurs we know where you are coming from, where you are now, and where you want to be. It is our job to help you get there.

At World Energy Ventures Inc. we invest in people first, ideas second. We believe that entrepreneurs are extraordinary individuals possessing exceptional intelligence, energy, vision, and passion. Successful founders will surround themselves with the best people they can. We stake our reputation on the ability of the founding team to develop their business, adapt to inevitable changes in their plans, and grow with their companies. We are passionate about sharing our experiences, methods and time with innovative and energetic entrepreneurs.

By leveraging our portfolio companies, experience, energy, and contacts, we will assist you in resourcing, financial planning, staff expansion, and strategic planning. In short, we will provide you with all the support and confidence your team needs to succeed.

We encourage passionate individuals, ardent group of people, and enterprising companies to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We are here to provide them with the required expertise and resources so that they can achieve their business goals, grow and innovate in their particular industries, and promote economic growth through promoting contemporary solutions and commercializing technologies. Entrepreneurship is the process of inventing and recognizing a business idea, assessing and exploiting its feasibility, acquiring the financial and human capital, and deploying the product/service in the marketplace. World Energy Ventures Inc. guides its clients from the start to the end and ensure the positive completion of all the phases of their business processes.

We dare you to get us excited about your vision and abilities so that you may achieve your full potential and feel confident that you are on the road of success!

Note: Only companies that meet our stringent evaluation criteria will be contacted. Due to the high volume of responses it is not feasible to sign non-disclosure agreements with all applicants. We cannot guarantee that other entrepreneurs will not have a similar idea, but we will make all efforts to maintain confidentiality. Our reputation depends on it.

We take companies to the next level & beyond

Our news

World Energy Ventures Inc established in

World Energy Ventures Inc. was established in Canada in 2010.

World Energy Ventures Inc. prepared Solar Energy

We have prepared a detailed business plan for our solar energy development project.

More projects are being
launched in the year

Halal Cultured Meat Project (HCMP) aims to provide halal meat options readily available in the market.
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