Solar Energy Project

Every day, human beings make use of the sun's energy in different ways. Recent scientific and technological advancements have made it possible to utilize the sun energy in a more efficient and productive manner. Solar energy is one of the most attractive technologies in the green energy sector. The rapid growth in the deployment of solar energy technologies has driven down its electricity generation cost. Solar energy is divided into ‘solar electricity’ and ‘solar thermal’. The most commonly used solar technology to generate electricity is known as ‘solar photovoltaic’ or ‘solar PV’ which are made up of solar PV cells. These cells directly convert sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaic effect. However, solar thermal systems are usually applied in residences and commercial buildings for providing hot water, heating and air conditioning.
Investment in the development and production of solar energy is an option that is present in the field of alternative energy for quite some time now, and is a popular choice among potential consumers and investors.

A Power Source

The discovery and development of solar energy market began as soon as it was realized that the current forms of energy sources that greatly depend on oil are unsustainable. Consumers too were on the lookout for cheaper sources on energy. The market realized the potential available in solar energy and investments began flowing into the solar energy sector. In its early stages, practical applications of solar power were reflected by means of large sized solar panels fitted on roofs of houses to gather sunlight. Currently, the main technologies used for producing solar electricity are the Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies.

A Promising Sector

Solar energy has always been considered a cheap source of energy but those who were among the initial consumers realized that the solar panels used at that time were not only inefficient but also very costly. This also resulted in an unfavorable cost to savings ratio. However, the recent technological advancements in the field of solar energy have changed the old economics. Today, solar energy is one of the commonly built and used energy technologies mainly due to developments in its storage.

Making an Investment

Investment in the solar energy sector is an attractive and lucrative investment opportunity for potential investors. The world is bound to witness a phenomenal expansion in the solar energy sector as the desire to find alternative energy resources gets stronger. In the US, there are a number of solar power plants that are expected to be up and running by the year 2012. If the use of solar power continues to increase, it can become a leading source of energy that can fulfill the world's energy requirements in the future.

Project Mission

Providing energy solutions in a safe, sustainable, effective, and environmentally friendly manner to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial clients at the global level by building strong shareholder value through profitable growth.

Project Vision

is to become the world market leader in the energy sector with the help of massive scale deployment of renewable energy technologies and creating an unmatched value for both the clients and the investors by implementing an innovative marketing strategy which will eventually accelerate the revenue growth and the return on investment.

Project Goal

Our goal is to maximize energy savings for the customers and to reduce payback time for the stakeholders who have vested interest in our organization.

Advantages of Solar Energy

• Solar power has proved to be a reliable energy source;
• Electricity is produced and consumed at the same location in an environmentally friendly manner. This is referred to as 'distributed generation';
• The peak demand of electricity is during the day when sunlight is also at its peak. Therefore, production of electricity using solar panels during peak
  demand period makes the production of electricity less expensive;
• Reliance on solar energy results is reduction of fossil fuel consumption;
• The production of electricity through solar panels at a large scale is a pollution-free process and is beneficial for the consumers as well as the environment.